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The Goblin as decoration

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Goblin figure for the game

The goblin, also called dwarf, imp, goblin or troll, is a funny figure not only in fairy tales. He stands for a figure with a cap and is small. He has a long beard in many representations, is funny and sometimes untrue.

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"Wichtel Presents Game"

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Wichteln (secret Santa / Julklapp / Babbo Natale segreto, with excitement and many surprises at christmas time

What is "wichteln" - "Julklapp"?

Wichteln comes from Scandinavia and has been a popular tradition for over the years to present each other a surprise gift. There are many opportunities to thank the family, friends, members of the association, or birthday or engagement parties with a small or big gift. Whether for Christmas (secret Santa), Eastern, a birthday party, party with friends. There are enough occasions.

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