Secret Santa: The fun and exciting card game for christmas time

Secret Santa: The fun and exciting card game for christmas time

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Wichteln (secret Santa) with friends anytime

The ultimate fun with the Wichtel Presents Game

A declaration of love is pronounced analogously even in the Big Data. The food is cooked on the stove and not in the 3D printer. Analog is again: its real, individual, unique.

The brandnew "Wichtel Presents Game" from Cybernex in Munich is based on the analogue trend and starts with a card game in printed version at the Advent season.

Wichteln comes from Scandinavia (Julklapp) and offers a tradition to offer each other a surprise gift (secret Santa). Especially popular and well-known is the "Wichteln" during Christmas, when families, friends or employees meet and thank you with small gifts for the pleasant time.

In the foreground is always the surprise effect with the opening of the packet. Only the process of receiving a packet differs in the variants. Whether lot numbers are distributed, whether from a sack the parcels are removed or a package is obtained by cubes. The fun factor is quickly lost when the package is opened and the game is often very short.

For this reason, there is now the WICHTEL card game where the fun takes place during the card game for the participants. The game is very simple and therefore suitable for all ages. There are 50 cards available. On each game card, a text is printed which is read aloud by the player and the action is executed.

In the "Wichtel Presents Game" each player has the opportunity to win many parcels, but also lose many parcels. Every game card can turn the luck and make winners out of losers. Because the parcels move from one place to the next, tasks are to be solved, parcels change the owner unhappily, parcels end up in the surprise pile.

The game guarantees a big fun on many occasions. Whether in the pre-Christmas period, after Christmas, on New Year's Eve, at Easter, at company parties or a party. There are only enough parcels and the card game to figure out who is most lucky and who has the most packages at the end of the game.

The card game is bilingual and includes German and English in the first edition. (Further language versions follow)

The fun and exciting social game for family parties is available in the well-stocked bookstore under the EAN / GTIN 4280001597013 for the price of 12.50 EUR.

The 50 card texts are in German and English. The game rules are also in both languages.

More information about the game can be found at or