Easter Games - Group game with the elves card game

Easter Games - Group game with the elves card game

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funny card-game for easter

Can I play Julklapp as a fun and exciting group game at Easter?

The easter egg hunt has been popular with young and old for centuries. It offers variety in the home or in the open air. Easter bunnies made of chocolate, colorful Easter eggs and a small gift in the Easter basket, each remain popular when nice things were hidden at Easter and are often to be found by the youngest.

When it comes to several participants, so an Easter fun in the group, but this can be pretty stressful. After all, everyone should receive an Easter bunny as a gift. So that it not only stays with the search and everyone in the group receives his Easter egg, there is now an exclusive offer for Easter at the Wichtel gift game.

This can be played around the Easter eggs and little Easter bunnies with a card game. As with finding the hidden Easter Eggs, the game of chance helps. The game mode makes sure to increase the tension around the Easter presents and whoever gets the most Easter egg surprises at the end of the game has won the Easter game.

Can the card game be used as an addition to the easter egg hunt?

Everyone brings his Easter egg surprises found in the game and puts an Easter surprise in the middle of the table, all other Easter eggs are in front of him.

Or the hiding is avoided and played from the beginning to the packaged Easter eggs in the group.

The pixie game for Easter is available as a set with the card game, an elf figure, Easter grass as decoration and 20 small Easter figures to play around. Of course, the Easter Grand Prix can also be the gnome. When all Easter presents / figures are packed, the funnier.

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